About Me

Hello to all the Food Lovers out there !

First, I want to thank you for coming into my page and I guarantee you won’t regret.

My name is Vina and I am a food passionate based in London. My passion for food started when i was only 12 years old and I used to assist in kitchen with my mother doing those traditional and yummy foods.:)

Being raised in a country which was influenced by Mediterranean  culture such as Italy and Greece, made me discover the passion and love for cooking a healthy and delicious diet.

After hunting for kitchen books in every bookstore of my city and reading every new recipe on the network, cooking turned to my main passion.

Today i have decided to share this “Pleasure” with all of you: Teaching ¬†how to prepare mouthwatering dishes very easily and quickly. Here you will find recipes from around the world, tips, tricks and ideas on how to cook for special occasions.

I basically cook every night healthy and creative meals, but the weekend is where i get inspired to cook terrific meals for my family and make people envy.:)

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